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Hickey Combs PLC provides legal services, representation, defense, advice, and consulting services regarding workers’ disability compensation and related matters. The principals of Hickey Combs PLC, Leonard M. Hickey and John B. Combs, have combined practice experience of over 36 years in representing and defending employers, insurers, and claims administrators throughout the State of Michigan. Mr. Hickey and Mr. Combs are experienced trial lawyers. Martindale-Hubbell has awarded Mr. Hickey its highest rating, “AV.”
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Hickey Combs PLC takes a different approach to handling workers’ compensation matters. Hickey Combs realizes that the potential impact of a workers’ compensation claim is broader than the potential monetary exposure for payment of benefits. The manner in which workers’ compensation cases are handled may affect employee relations, union relations, morale, work ethic, and future workers’ compensation claims. Therefore, it is Hickey Combs' philosophy and practice to partner with the employer and claims person to handle and defend workers’ compensation claims consistent with their mutual business, financial and human resources interests. Hickey Combs coordinates efforts work together to avoid adversely impacting other areas of the workplace and setting precedents that may encourage future claims. An aggressive, creative, and effective approach serves to discourage baseless claims, to decrease the cost of doing business, and to enhance profitability.
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  • Businesses
  • Employers
  • Insurers
  • Claims administrators
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Partners Len Hickey and John Combs offer clients more than 36 years of combined practice experience and specialization in workers' compensation.

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